The modular, fit-for-purpose Fractal Flex perforating system significantly improves the safety, reliability, and efficiency of multistage operating operations while enabling the use of any industry-standard drop-in charges to fit the completion strategy.

This plug-and-play gun system can be fully loaded and armed in the gun shop. Because the initiation system includes the only addressable mechanical ballistic interrupt in the industry, the armed gun can be transported from the gun shop to the field location as local regulations permit, which eliminates the need for field arming and its related concerns for workforce safety.

The Fractal Flex system’s reengineered electrical and gun-to-gun connections eliminate wiring and seal issues to further improve reliability and efficiency. These innovative connnections also significantly reduce intercarrier length and rig-up height. Up to 40 guns can be run in a single descent in gun lengths of 1 ft to 5 ft.